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The Café Concert has its origins in Paris during the XVIII Century. A bistro was hosting people sitting at their tables and enjoying drinks and snacks while watching a show. The performance included acting, rearrangements of famous compositions, tableaux vivants, opera arias, popular songs, sleights of hand, ballets... Many painters, mostly Impressionists, have very well represented the atmosphere of these scenes. The Café Concert, also called Café Chantant, remained very popular until the arrival of new technologies such as gramophones, radios and films.

Venice has always been a place of inspiration for many artists and composers, a fantastic stage for performances of all kinds. Starting from this wonderful city, and thanks to the great scores archive of Café Concert music inherited from the violinist Virgilio Marzorati, Elisa Marzorati presents Teatro Aperitivo: an event that searches the beauty and poetry of things, the melancholic but also ironic aspects of life.

Immerged in the atmosphere of a Parisian bistro of the late XIX century, like a journey into the past, you will listen to music of extreme elegance and refinement that accompanies different performances, such as literary quotes, mimed stories, dances and opera arias. 
Thanks to the close collaboration with a group of very talented artists, the costumes by Atelier Nicolao and a refined Catering, your senses will be inebriated by a kaleidoscope of scents, images and sounds.


Most of the music repertoire used to create the Teatro Aperitivo shows, is taken from the Great Cafè Concert Archive inherited from the violinist Virgilio Marzorati.

The Czardas by Monti is played by Virgilio Marzorati together with the Ferruzzi Orchestra. The recording (Columbia Records) is from 1936, it has been a great success and remained in the catalogue until the late Sixties

An important chapter of the life and carreer of the violinist Virgilio Marzorati has been the creation of a musical group that starting from 1932 was playing for almost 40 years, during the summer season at the Concert Hall of the Termal Baths in Recoaro.
Among the musicians that collaborated during the years: Alfredo Bignazzi (violinist), Carlo Cassone (cellist), Arturo Chierici (bassist), Gaetano Freni (cellist), Alberto Semprini (pianist), Sauro Sili (pianist), Luigi Spaggiari (pianist), Bruno Vitali (cellist) e i figli Sergio Marzorati (pianist) e Franco Marzorati (bassist).